Our Careers

At PageGroup, we have a proven track record in our ability to retain our most talented individuals. We’re proud that 87% of our directors have been promoted internally. By investing in the career progression of our people, we have been able to organically grow our business from a single office in the UK in 1976, to our global presence today.

These profiles of some of our PageGroup team members demonstrate how their international moves have helped create and build new business opportunities for our brand, as well as developing their own careers too.

Nils Rauschen, Director, Germany

Munich – Vienna – Hamburg – Zurich - Hamburg

Starting in 2007 in the Munich office, Nils developed his career to a specialist in Finance recruitment. In 2009, he joined the Vienna office and launched the Sales & Marketing team for Austria. In 2011, Nils was asked to move to Hamburg and led several teams for the Northern German region. In 2012, Nils relocated to Zurich for one year to manage all technical teams.

Since 2013, he has been responsible for the office in Hamburg. With a track record of 100+ placements in various divisions and countries, Nils has comprehensive knowledge and a strong network of recruiting top leadership roles. Besides Michael Page Hamburg, Nils is also handling recruitment in the practice groups Industry and Consumer Goods for Page Executive in Germany.

Before starting at Michael Page, Nils worked for an international headhunting organisation. He has an academic background in economics from the University Innsbruck, Würzburg and St. Gallen.

Sofia Gonzalez, Senior Consultant, United States

Mexico – Texas

Sofia joined Michael Page as a consultant with Page Personnel, helping to launch the Mexico City office in 2010. She was promoted to a manager position after just six months, and finished her first year as one of the top fee earners of the country. In 2011, Sofia transferred to Michael Page’s new office in Texas, where she helped to launch the temp recruitment team. She is now a senior consultant for the Finance and Accounting sector in Houston.

Manuel Soriano – Executive Manager, Turkey

Madrid – Barcelona – Turkey

Manuel started his career in PageGroup as a trainee in 2006 in Madrid working in the Retail Banking team. In 2008, he was promoted to manager before relocating to Barcelona to manage Banking, Tax & Legal teams. In 2012, Manuel moved again to Istanbul to take up the position of executive manager as well as becoming one of our board members in Turkey.

José Ramón Colomina, Senior Managing Director, Argentina, Chile and Colombia

Spain – Portugal – Argentina – Chile – Colombia

José joined Page Interim as an executive manager in 2000 in Spain. Over the next six years José worked his way up the corporate ladder to director, executive director then managing director for Page Personnel Spain. In 2006, he also took responsibilities within Michael Page Spain, and helped launch Page Executive opening offices in Valencia, Bilbao and Seville. In 2011, he took on more responsibility assuming the Portuguese market. José was promoted again in 2012 and is now the senior managing director for Argentina, Chile and Colombia.